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We’re an award winning mobile app development company that has been partnering with US companies since 2007. Let's create apps that users and stakeholders love!
mobile app development company


Whether you’re ready to move into development or just have an idea, we can get involved at any stage of your project.


During this phase we minimize uncertainties prior to executing the project.
It all starts with our team of product experts, UX/UI designers and developers working with your business experts for 2 to 4 weeks, running workshops using different techniques to validate and evolve your product idea. Some of them are user research practices, business model canvasing, Agile user story mapping and inception.

  • Make better technological and commercial strategy decisions

  • Mitigate potential risks at an early stage

  • Gather requirements and build the first product backlog

User Experience & Visual Design

Our design process is customized, following an agile and iterative approach combined with years of experience at the highest levels in the creative industry. We have used methodologies such as UCD and JTBD and activities like risk matrices, demographics, journey mapping, sitemaps and user-story mapping. Our software engineering team plays a part to ensure our designs are technically feasible within the constraints of the project.

  • Great UX and beautiful UI that contributes to fulfilling your business goals

  • Avoid re-work by validating interfaces before coding

  • Test your assumptions with real user feedback

app development

We know what it takes to build high quality apps that run smooth, fast and deliver a brilliant, consistent brand experience at every touch point. That’s why we follow best coding practices to build cross-platform applications that excel: automated build and deployment, code review and unit testing.

  • Select the best technology for your cross-platform development project: Xamarin or React Native

  • Work with technology advocates

  • We work with you from building and testing to publishing a reliable app on the market

Complement your in-house team

If you already built your mobile app and need a skilled team to augment your in-house development we can help. We can provide you with any of the previously mentioned skills you need at any stage of your product’s development by working as an extension of your team.

  • Accelerate your development process

  • Reduce costs

  • Add the talent needed to boost your capabilities



Our Process

Rest assured we'll follow an approach that leads to your product success.

Get functional software within your budget

Whether you’re ready to move into development or just have an idea, we can get involved at any stage of your project.

See exactly the product you are building in weekly demos

You won't be presented with a % of progress in a Gantt Chart, you will receive real software instead.

Have your product always tested and ready for deployment

Every increment of the product is tested before considering it done because we understand the product should always be ready for deployment.

Avoid uncertainty and reduce risks

Validate early to discover your true product-market fit before you spend months building the wrong product.


See who places their trust in us

What our
customers say

“I was convinced that they had the resources and expertise to develop it as they had done similar things in the past. It was cost-effective and within our budget to work with them. They delivered the product in a short amount of time, which was wonderful.”


/ Kardia

"UruIT distinguishes themselves with their technical competency, innovative ideation, and collaborative communication. UruIT have hired the right people and got the cream of the crop.


/ Corporate Wellness Firm

“UruIT’s team manages each project in a smart and effective way, successfully meeting deadlines with high quality standards and customer care.”

Digital Channels Manager

/ Telefónica

“UruIT was a part of our team and attended our standups. This is the main reason for our success: we've set the right expectations for our relationship with UruIT.”


/ Charity Check In

“UruIT's culture is unique and very much aligns with ours. They have an Agile, creative, and customer-focused approach, looking at the actual end-users of the products that we're building.”


/ Xceligent

mobile app development company


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